what is this blog?

This blog is the story of healing. A hard journey through sexual addiction, same-sex attraction (SSA), and the long road back to healthy intimacy and trust.

It’s one woman’s story of pain, assault, betrayal, renewal, healing, and life. It’s God’s story of redemption, renewal, and wholeness.

It’s raw, real, and transparent. It will contain real words, some of which might make you cringe. But the words reflect the emotion, the pain, and the absolute horror of sin. It doesn’t mean that I’m not a Christ-follower, that I’m “carnal,” or that my experiences are any less valid than someone who uses polite words all the time. It does mean that I’m not afraid of judgment by others and that I think know God can handle my anger, my pain, and my honesty.

If you are looking for healing, read on. If you are looking for hope, read on. I’m here to tell you that both are possible with our God. I’ve not arrived yet, but I’m on the road. And if, after reading my story, you think that God isn’t able to reach in to your life, please read it again. If He can do these things in my story, He can certainly do them in yours as well.

His and his,