Theophostic Prayer

My husband & I had a phone conference last night with a Theophostic Prayer minister in our area. The short of the story is that we’re going to meet with her in about 10 days or so. The long of the story continues…

I made the phone appointment a few days earlier and was somewhat apprehensive – what if it turned out to be something kooky or …? I’m not a huge fan of the unknown (shocking, I know!), despite the fact that I live with it daily and that the tension between the seen-world and the unseen-world is what makes faith real. So I got over my “what ifs” and made the call. And because we were sensitive to this lady’s schedule, we put our son to bed a few moments early and waited for the call.

When she called, we used the speakerphone and I listened. She got a bit of background and information on where we are now, and then she began to explain the principles of TPM. It’s based on the idea that we all have wrong thinking that leads to wrong actions – and that those wrong thoughts are based on lies that we were told and absorbed at some point in our lives. TPM sessions are prayer sessions in which the person who’s seeking to root out the lies from his/her life asks God to shine a light on the lies and reveal the untruth. In this woman’s estimation, “God is doing amazingly powerful things through Theophostic.”

So my husband began to explain in more detail where he is and his end-goal (to get to the bottom of this crap) and this woman’s response was, “You sound like the perfect candidate for Theophostic.” ❗

Those words are the sound of hope to my ears – and I know they are buoying my husband and his desire to deal with his past abuse and continue the hard work of healing. Right now, it’s set for every 2 weeks in a town about 30 minutes from us and will continue as needed. But for the first time in a while, I have a sense of hope and I’m welcoming it.

His and his,

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  • Who Am I

    Just wanted to encourage you on Theophostic. I have a good friend who went through some theophostic prayer- I think he was pleased. I have met the practitioner- and he seems like an ok guy.

    My wife and I have had something similar- and it was helpful.

    Like anything else- it really depends on the practitioner- so I would be discerning.

    I know several people on have been through theophostic, if you go to the message board and search for theophostic, you might find more.

    Admire you for hanging in there with your husband.