If you’re a Christ-follower, you may be familiar with some of the terminology I use in this blog. If you’re not, then much of this will probably feel like a bit of code-speak.

It’s not my goal to confuse or use phrases that leave you guessing, so I have compiled a short list of the things I refer to frequently.

Gifts of the Spirit:
If you read much of Paul’s writings in the New Testament, you’ll know that the Gifts of the Spirit were active and that people sometimes misused them. Paul set out to correct and teach about how God works through the Gifts, and churches over the years have taken these passages and either embraced them or eschewed them. I have embraced these verses and am what most would call “charismatic” in my faith practice and beliefs.

God gave me the Gifts when I asked (He’s a good Father like that: He gives good gifts to His kids), and I’ve operated in them since 1989. If others don’t share my experiences and beliefs in this, it’s not a dividing-line for me, but I know that my walk with God would be much poorer without them.

Within the Gifts, there are some that God tends to use in my life more than others.

Visions: While I’m somewhat loathe to say that God gives me actual “visions,” it happens and I tend to “see things in the Spirit” or “see things in my spirit.” I’ve always thought that “visions” were what John received on the Island of Patmos (that became the book of Revelation), not what happened to CoriAnne in her small corner of the world. But that definition notwithstanding, I am a visual woman with an ability to “see” things in my mind’s eye. Maybe it’s part of my intuitive nature or maybe it’s just the way God wired me. But He uses it regularly, especially on my path to healing.

Prophecy: Prophecy is the restatement of God’s Word in to our daily lives. It can be given orally or in text format and it is given under the influence and power of the Holy Spirit to meet needs, encourage, and speak Truth in to our lives. Sometimes it will indicate what will happen in the future, sometimes it’s a statement of God’s love in a new and contemporary way (although it is always faithful to what God has written in the Bible). Sometimes it is given in a spiritual language (prophecy in tongues), but more often in my experience, it is given in the speaker’s native language.

Praying in the Spirit: This is often called “speaking in tongues,” or “having a prayer language.” In my faith walk, it has been an integral part of prayer, and I believe that when God urges me to pray in this way that I am able to communicate with on a different level than I can when I pray in English. I tend to find that the urge to pray in the Spirit comes when I pray for others or have a particular burden to pray through, and Scripture tells me that although I don’t understand the words I’m praying with my mind, that I’m praying powerfully in the spirit realm and connecting with God in a unique and mighty way.

Word of knowledge: This is a specific gift of insight or information that God gives from time to time that isn’t otherwise discernible without His Spirit’s leading. For me, this sometimes looks like a strong bit of intuition (I’m a strongly intuitive individual), and sometimes it comes out as a bit of certainty about a situation and I feel as though God has just dropped this in to me without further explanation. It’s hard to explain, but it’s never wrong (because God doesn’t give wrong information in these situations), but I have had times of simply knowing without concrete evidence or times when God puts a word or phrase in my mind that I didn’t have before and applies to the situation perfectly.

Spirit realm: I believe there is a realm of this world that isn’t typically visible to the human eye. It’s the realm between us and God in heaven, and it’s where angels and demons are active and engaged in our existence. The book of Daniel talks about this realm a bit when Daniel reveals that he prayed and fasted for an answer to prayer and that God dispatched an angel with Daniel’s answer as soon as the prayer was uttered. But the answer was delayed 21 days due to the angel being engaged in battle with a demon in the spirit realm. I believe this realm to exist and that demons do try to influence our behaviour, choices, and lives by the choices we make and by virtue of the fact that they live to oppose God. This realm is very active in the world of sexual addiction and sexual sin, and although we don’t see it with our eyes, we see the outcropping of it in our daily lives.

Spiritual Battle: while this isn’t a spiritual gift per se, it does apply to my experiences and it is something that God has equipped me to do. Within the spirit realm is His power to defeat the Enemy (Satan and his demons), and there are times when He specifically calls me to do this. It sounds fantastic to the human experience, but it is incredibly real. The battles will look different from time to time, but the one consistent is that God has called me to do this, He is giving me strength to do this, and it’s in His power that I’m able to do this. It’s not something I seek out (although some do), but it is something that I do when God asks me.

    If you have questions about some of the phraseology I use in this blog, just ask. Shoot me a comment or email and I’ll do my best to clarify what I mean or to help you understand. There is absolutely no way that I could have the freedom I’m now walking in without the power of God as expressed through these Gifts, and I consider them as a cherished part of my faith experience.

    His and his,