25 Oct 2008

whatever it takes

So by now, you might realize that I’m a musically-driven woman. When I lack words and can’t talk, I can sing. And the lyrics to songs minister to me deeply. Which brings me to a song by Lifehouse, “Whatever It Takes,” from their 2008 album “Who We Are.” A strangled smile fell from your face […]

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11 Oct 2008

thoughts inspired by ‘breaking dawn’

Okay, so I caved. I succumbed to the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer and have been ravenously devouring the novels since I started them last weekend. I ordinarily don’t read fiction, but these are so well-written and contain so compelling a storyline that I simply can’t resist. Regardless, I find the way Meyer discusses the […]

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09 Jul 2008

going deep

I feel like a scuba diver who has just exchanged air tanks and is preparing for another deep sea dive right now. The sadness of the poison that was released from my soul is past and holds no sway over me, but I know there is still more crap that has to come out. Several […]

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26 Jun 2008

soul ties

Part of the reason sex between husband and wife is so enjoyable (or at least, should be so enjoyable) is because God designed our souls and spirits to unite as *one* during the intimacy we share. The original Hebrew suggests that when a husband and wife are intimate and their souls unite in this unique […]

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24 Jun 2008

in our own strength

When my husband and I were engaged, we both had baggage that we kept to ourselves. We didn’t share the secrets we harboured, but they tormented us with a ferocity that I didn’t understand at the time. My then-future-husband did know that I had been sexually assaulted in college and (apparently) challenged me on how […]

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