16 Oct 2008

hiccups & ball gowns

Every path to healing through addiction (no matter what type of addiction) will have divots in the road, or hiccups where the addict stumbles. Sexual addiction is no different from that. And yet, somehow I had this faulty idea that once we began down the path to healing that it would be rainbows & butterflies. […]

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26 Jun 2008

soul ties

Part of the reason sex between husband and wife is so enjoyable (or at least, should be so enjoyable) is because God designed our souls and spirits to unite as *one* during the intimacy we share. The original Hebrew suggests that when a husband and wife are intimate and their souls unite in this unique […]

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24 Jun 2008

in our own strength

When my husband and I were engaged, we both had baggage that we kept to ourselves. We didn’t share the secrets we harboured, but they tormented us with a ferocity that I didn’t understand at the time. My then-future-husband did know that I had been sexually assaulted in college and (apparently) challenged me on how […]

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