28 Oct 2008

it’s not about me… really!

My husband and I are working through Alan Medinger’s book “Growth in to Manhood.” So far, it’s excellent and right-on-the-money. I’ll review the chapters soon and talk about how they relate to our struggle. So last night, I had just read the 2nd chapter aloud (my husband is a slower reader and preferred to work […]

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25 Oct 2008

whatever it takes

So by now, you might realize that I’m a musically-driven woman. When I lack words and can’t talk, I can sing. And the lyrics to songs minister to me deeply. Which brings me to a song by Lifehouse, “Whatever It Takes,” from their 2008 album “Who We Are.” A strangled smile fell from your face […]

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16 Oct 2008

hiccups & ball gowns

Every path to healing through addiction (no matter what type of addiction) will have divots in the road, or hiccups where the addict stumbles. Sexual addiction is no different from that. And yet, somehow I had this faulty idea that once we began down the path to healing that it would be rainbows & butterflies. […]

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15 Sep 2008

a troubling announcement

At the close of last week, we heard bothersome news that Ray Boltz had granted an interview to the Washington Blade, a gay-advocacy publication. For those of you who might not recognize the name, Boltz was a composer and singer who had multiple hits in the contemporary Christian music genre in the 90s. Barely a […]

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08 Sep 2008

sexual addiction in the news

The news recently came about that David Duchovny (of “The X-Files” fame) admitted himself to a treatment facility. Ordinarily, this news is met with a bit of “Hmm… what is it this time? Drugs? Alcohol?”-type response from the public. Then it gets hushed. “Ooh. Sex addiction. Wow.” Duchovny admitted that he is battling sexual addiction […]

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02 Sep 2008

self confidence revisited

As part of my healing process, God has released me from truly caring what others might think of me or how they might prejudge me. I’m incredibly thankful for this, but considering how long I truly did care (read: fear) about others’ opinions and what emotional infidelity and sexual addiction do to the non-offending spouse, […]

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18 Jul 2008

bumps in the road

When dealing with sexual addiction, bumps in the road are bound to come along. So is a certain amount of “backsliding,” or as addiction terminology puts it, “falling off the wagon.” Interestingly enough, many sexual addicts use the term “sober” in regards to how long they’ve been away from their addiction, be it porn, acting […]

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16 Jul 2008

did you cause his sexual addiction?

I know the title of this post is provocative. There are some who would say that a woman can indeed influence and/or “cause” her husband’s sexual addiction. In most situations, I am not one of those people. The media-at-large would have us think that if we’re not 25 with perky breasts, no hips, and a […]

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20 Jun 2008

what is ssa?

SSA is the abbreviation for Same Sex Attraction and is commonly referred to in the world of counseling and gender-assignment studies as a condition where an individual might have a same-gendered proclivity, but not officially designate themselves as “gay” or “lesbian.” Most often, these individuals live a heterosexual lifestyle and consider themselves “straight,” but struggle […]

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17 Jun 2008

what is this blog?

This blog is the story of healing. A hard journey through sexual addiction, same-sex attraction (SSA), and the long road back to healthy intimacy and trust. It’s one woman’s story of pain, assault, betrayal, renewal, healing, and life. It’s God’s story of redemption, renewal, and wholeness. It’s raw, real, and transparent. It will contain real […]

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