02 Jul 2008


Most of us are familiar with the concept of repression, and to some extent, I think most of us probably engage in it from time to time. Me? Yeah, well… I’m the Queen of Repression. I’ve always been a peacemaker; that was sort of my place in my family while growing up. And in order […]

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23 Jun 2008

a scary admission

One night while my husband was IM’g a mentor-friend of his and I was on a different level of the house, reading, he came up and wanted to talk. It was still a time of new habits and newly-opened lines of communication, and so I made myself put the book down and focus on him. […]

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21 Jun 2008

intimate issues

One of the books I bought in response to realizing that I had all this “stuff” to deal with inside of me was Intimate Issues. Written by Linda Dillow & Lorraine Pintus, this book is written by and for women, dealing with questions about sex and intimacy from a Christina perspective. I have an advanced […]

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