08 Mar 2011

Heading Back to Midland (plus Catching Up)

I haven’t done much writing on this blog for while – we’re moving forward in our new location, with a new congregation, and with a new group of friends and are muddling through fairly well.  We’re about to embark upon a new segment of our journey in a new form of therapy, but we have […]

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20 Mar 2010

Black & White Thinking

We were at an event last night and I stepped in it. I don’t mean I goofed up for the room to see, but I made a mistake. I engaged someone in conversation and went willingly in to the field, only to stagger back, wounded & hurt. Ordinarily, I have a thick skin and I […]

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28 Jan 2010

More on Gayle Haggard

I read on Charisma’s website that Gayle Haggard has a new book out.   Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made In My Darkest Hour is definitely on my “to read” list, but what is fascinating to me is how many people either have judged or will judge her without understanding her story.  They lack […]

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08 Nov 2009

If You Love Someone….

Sting wrote the song “If You Love Someone (Set Them Free)” in 1985 in response to the popularity of the previous Police hit “Every Breath You Take,” which was not a love story as the public took it, but the story of a stalker watching and obsessing over his prey.  He was chagrined at how […]

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13 Oct 2008

why now?

As my husband and I look back on our marriage and realize how many years (more than a dozen) of them were spent in an unfulfilling, unhappy existence, I’ve found myself wondering “Why now, God? Why not before? Why wait for such a length of time before You showed us what is real, what is […]

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19 Sep 2008


You might have noticed a link and banner on the side of the page for “Fireproof,” a movie that will open in theatres one week from today (9.26). Written and produced by the same group that made “Facing the Giants,” I’m looking forward to seeing it. Reviews thus far have been stellar, despite the fact […]

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11 Jul 2008

how do you heal?

Despite the fact that this blog is written in the first-person narrative, I recognize that I’m not the only one dealing with these sorts of issues. Honestly, that’s why I started this site — out of the hope that being transparent with my pain and path to healing would be beneficial to others. And although […]

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