24 Feb 2012

Marriage & Mentors Conference

Just a quick post to remind you that if you’re not signed up for the CPM Marriage Conference (April 12-15) in Midland, TX, you should be! My husband and I have found tremendous amounts of hope, help, and healing on these weekends – this year will be our third consecutive trip. We’re still figuring out […]

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04 Apr 2011


We’re back from Midland and the Marriage & Mentors Conference … what a wild weekend!  It was such a relief to be in a place where it was ‘safe’ to be ourselves and know that we were all there to support each other and learn.  I had been thinking about and praying for some people […]

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08 Mar 2011

Heading Back to Midland (plus Catching Up)

I haven’t done much writing on this blog for while – we’re moving forward in our new location, with a new congregation, and with a new group of friends and are muddling through fairly well.  We’re about to embark upon a new segment of our journey in a new form of therapy, but we have […]

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