11 Sep 2008

soul-nakedness, part deux

After posting about soul-nakedness last week, I realized that some might desire this closeness but not know where to start in order to achieve it. Short of telling someone to “pray your guts out,” I was stumped. So I decided to compile some ideas; some of these things we have done intentionally, others we have […]

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04 Sep 2008

soul nakedness

“Naked” has different meanings in different parts of the country. Generally speaking, the dictionary definition is “to be without clothing; in one’s skin.” “Naked” in the northern regions of the US means basically that: to be without clothing. “Nekkid,” as pronounced by our southern kin, means “to be without clothing … and lookin’ for trouble.” […]

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04 Jul 2008

getting there

On this journey to emotional healing and wholeness, I’m trying to build new patterns of thoughts and behaviour. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not so much. But today made me think that maybe I’m getting there. My husband had surgery this week; in the scope of things it was a minor surgery done in outpatient fashion. […]

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