01 Jun 2009

Five Empowering, Sexy Things About Me – a meme

So my beautiful friend, Shula from Sensuous Wife, tagged me in a meme at her blog.  The original title was “Five Sexy Things About Me,” but since I don’t deny my sexuality and my blog is more about healing and addictions (and because I need to give myself a bit of a boost right now, […]

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15 Dec 2008

eye-opening conversation

So I’ve been pretty quiet lately – I’ve been busy, as it’s the Holiday season, but our healing continues to trek forward.  Which is good – not going backwards, but also not having those “holyyyyyyyy crap!”-moments where we feel like our whole world is rocking because of what God has shown us and what we […]

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16 Oct 2008

hiccups & ball gowns

Every path to healing through addiction (no matter what type of addiction) will have divots in the road, or hiccups where the addict stumbles. Sexual addiction is no different from that. And yet, somehow I had this faulty idea that once we began down the path to healing that it would be rainbows & butterflies. […]

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23 Sep 2008

what kind of message do we send?

My husband and I were talking with friends this past weekend and landed on the subject of the evangelical Church (note the big “c” — this refers to the corporate, large church, not a specific place of worship). One of our friends mentioned that oftentimes, Evangelicalism has defined itself by what it’s *against* and thereby […]

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