11 Sep 2008

soul-nakedness, part deux

After posting about soul-nakedness last week, I realized that some might desire this closeness but not know where to start in order to achieve it. Short of telling someone to “pray your guts out,” I was stumped. So I decided to compile some ideas; some of these things we have done intentionally, others we have […]

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08 Sep 2008

sexual addiction in the news

The news recently came about that David Duchovny (of “The X-Files” fame) admitted himself to a treatment facility. Ordinarily, this news is met with a bit of “Hmm… what is it this time? Drugs? Alcohol?”-type response from the public. Then it gets hushed. “Ooh. Sex addiction. Wow.” Duchovny admitted that he is battling sexual addiction […]

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08 Jul 2008

gardening 101

Some days after our return from vacation and to a semi-normalized existence, I was reading this post at Sensuous Wife’s blog. Sensuous Wife’s story is amazing and I found myself re-reading her testimony of survival several times during that day. I never made it through once without crying, and I realized shortly after my husband […]

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27 Jun 2008

the fortress around my heart

As an avowed Sting-fan and a general music-geek, I find great significance in song lyrics. Recently, as I considered past patterns of self-protection that I had engaged in, the song “Fortress Around Your Heart” came leaping to mind. Under the ruins of a walled city Crumbling towers in beams of yellow light No flags of […]

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26 Jun 2008

soul ties

Part of the reason sex between husband and wife is so enjoyable (or at least, should be so enjoyable) is because God designed our souls and spirits to unite as *one* during the intimacy we share. The original Hebrew suggests that when a husband and wife are intimate and their souls unite in this unique […]

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23 Jun 2008

a scary admission

One night while my husband was IM’g a mentor-friend of his and I was on a different level of the house, reading, he came up and wanted to talk. It was still a time of new habits and newly-opened lines of communication, and so I made myself put the book down and focus on him. […]

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20 Jun 2008

what is ssa?

SSA is the abbreviation for Same Sex Attraction and is commonly referred to in the world of counseling and gender-assignment studies as a condition where an individual might have a same-gendered proclivity, but not officially designate themselves as “gay” or “lesbian.” Most often, these individuals live a heterosexual lifestyle and consider themselves “straight,” but struggle […]

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18 Jun 2008

how it all began

As I continue to write, you’ll learn bits and pieces of my story and my husband’s story — what writers call ‘backstory’ and fills in details a little more coherently. But that’s not for now. Now is the chance to tell you how this leg of the journey began and how we know it’s different […]

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17 Jun 2008

what is this blog?

This blog is the story of healing. A hard journey through sexual addiction, same-sex attraction (SSA), and the long road back to healthy intimacy and trust. It’s one woman’s story of pain, assault, betrayal, renewal, healing, and life. It’s God’s story of redemption, renewal, and wholeness. It’s raw, real, and transparent. It will contain real […]

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