25 Sep 2008


I was talking to a dear friend on the phone recently and we were discussing false modesty and shame. Too many women within the church (specifically) are subjected and victims of this way of thinking, in my experience. I was one of those women. Going along with the idea that God created sex and within […]

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29 Aug 2008

the next step

The next step for my husband and me is still largely unknown. I know different aspects of what it will look like, but many of the specifics are still veiled from us. As much as I like to have my ducks in a row and know what’s coming and when, God doesn’t always give me […]

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27 Aug 2008

The Eighth Thorn

As I mentioned in a previous post, God showed me that there were “thorns” in my heart that were symbolic of things that were done or said to me that I had neglected to deal with adequately at a previous time. These things had grown in to symbolic thorns that caused me continual pain and […]

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