12 Apr 2011

Follow-up to Femininity

photo © 2008 Mike Melrose | more info (via: Wylio)A while ago, I wrote about how I’ve become confident and comfortable in my femininity.  It’s taken me a while to realize why this change took place, but I had a flash of insight at the CPM conference. I commented that once my husband started to […]

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01 Jun 2009

Five Empowering, Sexy Things About Me – a meme

So my beautiful friend, Shula from Sensuous Wife, tagged me in a meme at her blog.  The original title was “Five Sexy Things About Me,” but since I don’t deny my sexuality and my blog is more about healing and addictions (and because I need to give myself a bit of a boost right now, […]

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16 May 2009

The Root of Passivity

I’ve had a post in my “work in progress folder” that deals with passivity.  There’s been something that has niggled at my brain for a while now in regards to passivity and men – and I think I finally put the pieces together.  I’m not confident enough to say it’s something that will stand all […]

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28 Oct 2008

it’s not about me… really!

My husband and I are working through Alan Medinger’s book “Growth in to Manhood.” So far, it’s excellent and right-on-the-money. I’ll review the chapters soon and talk about how they relate to our struggle. So last night, I had just read the 2nd chapter aloud (my husband is a slower reader and preferred to work […]

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