09 Jul 2008

going deep

I feel like a scuba diver who has just exchanged air tanks and is preparing for another deep sea dive right now. The sadness of the poison that was released from my soul is past and holds no sway over me, but I know there is still more crap that has to come out. Several […]

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02 Jul 2008


Most of us are familiar with the concept of repression, and to some extent, I think most of us probably engage in it from time to time. Me? Yeah, well… I’m the Queen of Repression. I’ve always been a peacemaker; that was sort of my place in my family while growing up. And in order […]

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01 Jul 2008

fear and doubt

When you’re dealing with sexual addiction and trust issues, how do you avoid fear and doubt? For me, these two things go hand in hand with dealing (or not dealing) with my husband’s addiction and our combined trust issues. Case in point: recently, I planned an anniversary celebration for the two of us. It took […]

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