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In the midst of this trying time in our lives, we attended a meeting last Saturday that was imminently encouraging and infused me with all sorts of hope.  And that’s a nice feeling to embrace – it seems like it’s been a while since I have.

Our church is in the forming/planning stages of a Recovery ministry – loosely based on Celebrate Recovery, it will launch with five modules for different support and recovery groups.  So that’s pretty cool, but the sweetest part of it for me was to see who was at this meeting.  People from all walks of life – those who struggled with addiction, those who work with addicts as a career, those in ministry (professionally), and those who simply have a heart for working in this field.

One guy is on permanent disability and is home all day – he offered to get another (dedicated) phone and keep it for the first-contact purposes, and came up with the idea of colour-coding the different areas of recovery ministry so that people wouldn’t have to stand at a registration table and talk about why they’re there or feel like “this is where the weirdos come.”  Because let’s face it – we’re all recovering from something, right?  If we’re honest with ourselves, everyone is trying to retrain their minds and patterns of thought in to what God says is Truth and right and most of us deal with some level of dysfunction.  So the attempt to normalize and remove shame from getting help is part of the goal of the ministry.

It was cool to talk counseling-philosophy (in regards to addiction) with others in the field of Marriage & Family Therapy (I’m headed back to school to get another Master’s in this relatively soon) – to realize that we were on the same page and that combining our faith and professional education and practices won’t be as hard as we might have imagined.

The meeting was supposed to be an hour – and I think we didn’t wrap up until nearly 3 hours later.  But for a change, I didn’t mind a meeting going over like this, because it was so great to see what God is doing and how His compassion and love is pouring out of people and will be spilling over in to our community.

It’s weird to be at this stage of life and feel like “I know what I want to do when I grow up,” and yet that’s right where God has me.  Despite all the hard work and the rest that will encompass it, His hand is in it and on me and this ministry is another extension of what He’s doing and how He’s healing me so I can help others find His love, grace, and healing.

I like this sense of hope – I’d like it to stick around for a bit, too.  😉

His and his,

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  • The Groom

    Congrats on the meeting and the participation with the new direction. I’m looking forward to updates. In my case, I’m working toward my new direction, including a return to school, and I’m excited about that, too. Much like you said, “I know what I want to be when I grow up.”