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The news recently came about that David Duchovny (of “The X-Files” fame) admitted himself to a treatment facility. Ordinarily, this news is met with a bit of “Hmm… what is it this time? Drugs? Alcohol?”-type response from the public. Then it gets hushed. “Ooh. Sex addiction. Wow.”

Duchovny admitted that he is battling sexual addiction in the form of pornography addiction. And that this has been a long-term battle for him. His wife of 11 years, Téa Leoni, is reported to have known about his addiction prior to their marriage and is standing by him. Her wounds will need healing, too. And her ability to forgive and learn to trust again will be taxed over and over, but if their marriage is to survive, she will need to be able to move forward with him.

I applaud David and Téa for their commitment to each other and their willingness to see this battle through. The strength of character it takes to admit this addiction in a public setting, to face the judgment that some will inevitably provide, and to be honest with oneself and one’s spouse is enormous. And although it’s hard and the wounds have been long-standing for both of them, they are worth the work it will take to get their marriage back on track. Their kids are worth it, too. The heritage (both spiritual and emotional) of having a family split over something like this is one that I don’t wish on any child. Marriage is hard enough to do and do well without entering it with baggage like this, constantly looking over your shoulder for your parents’ mistakes and foibles.

I’m praying for both of them and hope you do, too. It’s one thing for me to blog about this in a semi-private way and not have my name plastered about; it’s another thing altogether to have renown, fame, and cameras complicating the treatment and healing process.

God’s best to them. I pray they make it.

His and his,

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  • Sensuous Wife

    I pray they make it.
    Oh I do too.