I don’t hawk things in my writing – at least, i haven’t so far. And I’m not really starting to now. But I came across a great short film that touched me deeply and made me think that readers here might appreciate it. It’s called “Oversold,” and is a modern-day depiction of the book of Hosea.

Hosea isn’t exactly on the “top-ten, must-read” lists of most Christ-followers these days, but the story (in a nutshell) is that Hosea was one of God’s prophets to the kingdom of Israel (the Northern Kingdom). God told Hosea to marry Gomer, who was a well-known prostitute. Needless to say, this marriage was challenging, because Gomer continued in her ways of prostitution and even had children from these sex-for-money transactions. This book in the Bible is also considered to be a lesson to the nation of Israel about its unfaithfulness to God (Gomer = Israel, Hosea = God in the symbolism).

So yeah, not exactly at the top of the ‘read-the-Bible-in-a-year”-lists. But what does the story have to say to us today? Elevation Church in Phoenix, AZ asked the same question and its pastor (David Cowan) wrote a screenplay based on the idea.

The movie follows a pastor who goes to Las Vegas to meet up with his stepbrother and discuss family matters; he ends up falling in love with a woman who is in the sex industry.  And yet, the pastor loves her and knows that God has green-lighted the relationship for him – what does he do?  She embraces his love and marries him, only to head back to Vegas when her former (pimp-type) boyfriend tells her she has a contract to fulfill.

I won’t spoil it all here, but I will tell you that more than once in my life, married to someone who struggles with sexual addiction, I’ve related to Hosea (and subsequently, to Joshua, the pastor-character in the movie).  If you have stayed in your marriage to someone who is sexually-addicted, you probably understand my feelings.  I’m doing exactly what God would have me do, but to see how my husband struggles and fights against his addiction and to remain faithful to him through his slip-ups, infidelity, and the rest … it’s not hard to see how I find sympathetic-connection in these characters.  My husband struggles against his addiction much as Sophie struggles against her past and her career’s-pull; he doesn’t see his own worth much as she doesn’t understand how Joshua and God could love her, in spite of it all.  God redeems Sophie’s story with Joshua, but it wraps up much neater than real-life ever does.  I know that He is redeeming our relationship, too, but I don’t get the luxury of writing the ending I know we both want.  It’s significantly harder than that.

There’s another message in the movie as well – one that speaks to the porn addict and the sex-worker – that says, “You’re worth more than you think.  Your value is inherent and amazing and God will lavish His love on you, if you let Him.”  The woman who played Sophie used to be an adult-film actress who came to Jesus a while back.  She talks about her experience here and how she ended up working on this project.

So here’s the film’s trailer – if you decide to purchase it, there’s no benefit to me or anything linked to my blog here.  The digital download is $4.99 and to order the DVD, it’s $9.99.  It’s an inexpensive purchase, but more than anything, incredibly worth your watch, especially if you are married to an SA struggler.  You’ll find encouragement and I promise, God will work in your heart and lift your spirits.  There is no nudity or graphic anything in the film for those who might be concerned about finding “triggers” in it.

I hope you find hope in it, just as I did.

His and his,


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  • Neko-chan

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again… When I feel at my lowest, I look around and inevitably find something good coming from you… Your trials… your hurts, I wish with all my heart that you weren’t hving to go through them, but please know that your words, your story, everything that you put into this blog… it speaks to me. Gives me hope when all I thought I had none left. God is doing wonderful things, and I continually pray that He will restore everything you have lost and more… Pressed down, shaken together and running over…
    I’m getting this movie tonight. Thank you for sharing it.