Nervous, but Anticipating

One of the blogs in my RSS reader is “Signs of a Struggle,” where Thom relates his challenges with SGA.  I appreciate Thom’s writing and his candor about his struggle.  A while ago, he wrote about a church in Midland, Texas called Stonegate Fellowship and their Cross Power Ministries Marriage Conference.  This Southern Baptist church in Texas (or, “deepinahearta Texas,” if you check a map – it’s WAY down there) has a heart for those who struggle with SGA and who are married.  Wow.  A church that deals with this issue head-on and doesn’t fall back on clichés or condemnation?  That intrigued me.  I saved the video from their site and showed it to my husband and as we watched it, our eyes filled with tears at the compassion & love that poured from those who spoke.

We decided we wanted to go, but that was last summer sometime and there were no dates published for 2010’s conference.

Fast forward to February 2010 and for whatever reason, it resurfaced in my brain.  With all that’s going on these days, for *anything* to resurface after 9 months in my gray matter is amazing – and so I popped over to the church’s website and began to look around for information.

The conference is April 8-11 this year and as we talked about it, we decided to apply to attend.  Obstacles immediately presented themselves – airfare is more than $900 for the two of us, a sum we simply didn’t have.  And what to do with our son?  Or the dog?  But we decided that applying was the first step of faith we needed to take – if God wanted us there, He would provide ways around the obstacles.

One of the beautiful things about where we are as a couple and in our church’s leadership is that we can be completely honest about our journey and we receive no condemnation, no sideways glances, no shunning of any sort.  We are received with open arms and understand that though our position in life and ministry is unique, it’s something that God can and will use in our lives and in the lives of others.   When I mentioned the conference to the lead pastor, he looked puzzled.  “Why go all the way down there for a marriage conference?  There are a lot of conferences a lot closer to us!”  I explained that this conference was specifically for couples affected by SGA.  His eyes widened with comprehension and he said, “Wow, that’s great!  Those are things you guys can learn and bring back here to use in the ministry!”  Exactly, my friend.  Exactly.

And less than a week later, God removed the first obstacle of expense for us when a check showed up in the mail to cover a portion of our trip.  We read the note, cried, and thanked God for His generosity as it comes through His children.

Now, we have word that the rest of the expenses have been covered – which is an enormous blessing.  God has indeed removed all financial obstacles.  We still have to figure out the kid-and-dog care, but I don’t anticipate that being too much of a challenge, seeing as the biggest obstacles (to my mind, anyhow) have already been removed.

So God wants us in Midland for 3 days after Easter.  We’re nervous, but anticipating what He has for us, the healing He’s continuing in our relationship, and what He will reveal to us about the next step in ministry and life.

I’m including the video that moved me to tears – the same one Thom posted that began this part of our journey.  I hope it speaks to you as much as it did to me.

His and his,


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  • Annalea


    I’m so glad that God is making a way for you and your husband to attend this conference next month. I’ll be in prayer about the two of you finding care for your son and dog while you’re gone. I know you’ll be covered in this as well. So looking forward to how it turns out for you both!

    Tight Hugs!

  • Hiswildcherry

    Whahoo, movement of a great kind in your journey, lady friend.

    I am so proud of you for listening to that small voice of leading from God’s most gentlemanly, Holy Spirit. It is sometimes so very hard to hear anything sensible in the midst of so much clamor and junk, today.

    I believe in ‘doggy angels’ so will be praying for the well being of your dearly beloved doggy pal and of course, for an extra special quasi-parent during your time away for your dear son.

    I have the hugest heart for children since I am a momma to my magnificent seven. I will make your son my top prayer priority when thinking of you, until I read that you have secured God’s gifted person for your ‘little man’. He is a crucial factor in your family and needs the finest and most genuine care.
    Will keep believing for you, Cori, and reading…cyber squeeze.

  • cori

    Thank you, ladies. What amazing cheerleaders God’s given me/us! :)

    I am blessed to have you on my team & by your encouragement. <3