It’s That Time Again…

Every January, at least for the past few years, we register for CrossPower Ministry’s Marriage & Mentor’s Conference.  It’s a time of transparency, marriage-building, ' nametags' photo (c) 2011, Next Radio - license:, and fun with people all over the country.  We were scared spitless the first year we went, but in subsequent years, we’ve been delighted in the relationships we’ve built, the friendships that have flourished, and the honesty with which we’ve come to view our own journey in marriage impacted by same-sex attraction.

If you are a married couple impacted by homosexuality in some way, I highly recommend registering and attending the conference. Registration is capped at 174 attenders this year (including mentors!), and the last figure I heard was that 112 people had already registered.

Click the link above for more information, and watch the video that captivated our hearts, way back in 2008….


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  • Donna M

    Your blog has been a sincere encouragement to me. I have yet to come across someone so open about their marriage and the struggles of SSA and its toll on a relationship. I was trying to find your contact info so I could email you a private message – is it somewhere on your site that I have missed?