I found these words on the site for Lighthouse World Evangelism and was incredibly touched and encouraged. I felt as though God had given me this message to spur me on to look to Him only as we embarked on the hard journey to wholeness, healing, and health. The prophetic words were received by a woman named Christa Manning; she was spending time with Jesus one day and heard the following:

~I Love You So Dearly~
received by Christa Manning

My child, I love you so dearly

You are My child, you are in My thoughts and on My mind
I desire you and will not leave you an orphan
I will make straight the crooked paths
I will smooth out the flaws
I will make a way where there seems to be no way

I AM God, I AM your Father
I AM the One Who can turn hearts
I AM the One Who holds back the sea
Look to Me and I will perform miracles

I will do a great work in you
I love you with a depth that is hard for the human mind to understand

Look to Me ONLY as I have great plans for your life

Christa Manning is the wife of Matthew Manning, and their testimony is on video at their site . You will be amazed, blessed, and encouraged by what you find there..