24 Jun 2009


We saw our therapist this week – it’s been a solid 2 months since we’ve seen him, due to scheduling conflicts. At our last appointment, he referred us to the Theophostic facilitator, we were spiritually attacked in his parking lot, and in the ensuing weeks, we discovered the truth about my husband’s CSA & how […]

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16 May 2009

The Root of Passivity

I’ve had a post in my “work in progress folder” that deals with passivity.  There’s been something that has niggled at my brain for a while now in regards to passivity and men – and I think I finally put the pieces together.  I’m not confident enough to say it’s something that will stand all […]

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04 May 2009

Finding a New Normal

My husband and I had our first Theophostic meeting last week and I’ve pondered how to describe it and write about it for a full week now.  I’m really glad we went and we’ll be going back next week.  God completely showed up and met us there – and let’s face it:  He didn’t have […]

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22 Apr 2009

more transparency

We’ve been having dinner with friends from our church – or, more specifically, friends who are on staff at our church. Our goal has been to build a relationship, absolutely, but also to give them a safe place to “be themselves” as they struggle with a situation in their family. A beautiful friendship has blossomed […]

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18 Apr 2009

Theophostic Prayer

My husband & I had a phone conference last night with a Theophostic Prayer minister in our area. The short of the story is that we’re going to meet with her in about 10 days or so. The long of the story continues… I made the phone appointment a few days earlier and was somewhat […]

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