28 Apr 2013


This journey is hard.  Harder than I could ever imagine.  And yet – God says He’s with me the whole way and I have His unlimited strength to pull from when I think I can’t go on any longer.  So why does this trigger control issues for me (and others)? I think the answer lies […]

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21 Jan 2013

It’s That Time Again…

Every January, at least for the past few years, we register for CrossPower Ministry’s Marriage & Mentor’s Conference.  It’s a time of transparency, marriage-building, communication, and fun with people all over the country.  We were scared spitless the first year we went, but in subsequent years, we’ve been delighted in the relationships we’ve built, the […]

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09 Nov 2012

In the Trenches

Maybe blogging in the midst of heartache isn’t the wisest thing – but if I can’t be real here, where can I be real?  Thanks for witnessing my walk through this valley…. There’s a part of me that would like to stay silent.  That part of me wants to encourage others and not weigh them […]

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04 Jun 2012

love the sinner…?

If you’ve been a Christ-follower in America for any length of time, you can probably finish this expression.  For readers who might be international, I’ll finish it here: …hate the sin. On the surface, this seems like an okay sentiment – after all, we’re supposed to love people like Jesus does.  But somewhere along the […]

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07 Apr 2012

Dealing with Addiction

There are going to be times in this journey when you, the one who isn’t dealing with sexual brokenness personally, wants nothing more than your spouse to be healed and whole. Sometimes this will correspond with your spouse wanting it for himself/herself, but if my experience is anything like that of others, there are times […]

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06 Apr 2012


God has been doing great things in our lives – seriously great things. I’ve been so busy with the things He’s sent that I’ve not written in a while and I’m feeling the need to be honest and vulnerable here. Much like the flower to the right looks, I feel.  Like I need a long, […]

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06 Nov 2011

So much to write…

Life has been incredibly busy here.  Not in a bad way, mind you, but so much that my writing has fallen off the planner pages, for the most part.  I have posts to publish about how we as wives relate to our husbands, about how my expectations have been turned upside down (but my husband’s […]

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26 May 2011


The Christian Nymphos have interviewed me about our journey with each other, as impacted by SSA.  It’s my prayer that the interview will shine light for people who aren’t on this path with us, and the God will use my words to change hearts for His glory. You can read the whole interview here..

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11 May 2011

This is Where It’s About Me

Most of the time, I recognize that my husband’s struggle with SGA isn’t about me.  I’ve said it a thousand times if I’ve said it once:  it feels like it’s about me, but that’s just because it impacts me.  I didn’t make him struggle and he struggled long before I met him and came in […]

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22 Apr 2011

Beautiful Things

The song “Beautiful Things” by Gungor was played at the CPM conference; it’s also one in rotation at our church. It’s currently one of my favourite worship songs, because it reminds me that no matter how messed up my life is, God can still make something amazing from it. He created everything with words and […]

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