08 Nov 2009

If You Love Someone….

Sting wrote the song “If You Love Someone (Set Them Free)” in 1985 in response to the popularity of the previous Police hit “Every Breath You Take,” which was not a love story as the public took it, but the story of a stalker watching and obsessing over his prey.  He was chagrined at how […]

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15 Sep 2009

Yeah, so…

I had queried a few weeks ago whether it would be any easier to do the Cardboard Testimonies the 2nd and 3rd times… and the answer is a resounding “No.” It was still completely worthwhile, but to do it at the northern campus of our church this past Sunday was still hard.  It was hard […]

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06 Sep 2009


Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes Turn and face the strange (Ch-ch-Changes) Don’t want to be a richer man Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes Turn and face the strange (Ch-ch-Changes) Just gonna have to be a different man Time may change me But I can’t trace time David Bowie’s song “Changes” from the “changesONEbowie” album of 1984 seems to explain much of our lives […]

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18 Jul 2009

Ted & Gayle Haggard

So apparently, the Haggards have been in the media lately – they did a documentary with a pay-per-view cable company, were on “Oprah,” and have been written up in various magazines, newspapers, and the rest. I’m relatively unplugged from the mainstream media, but one thing that I do read with semi-regularity is Charisma magazine, and […]

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15 Jun 2009

the little foxes

We have a family of foxes living in our backyard. Yep, it’s like Animal Planet over here – rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, a groundhog, deer, and now a mama fox & 4 kits. It’s cool to watch, no question – but it’s also brought a bit more clarity to the Scriptural idea of “little foxes spoiling […]

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20 May 2009


Of all the things on this journey that I didn’t expect, it has been the depth of sheer anger and rage I have at a man who has been dead nearly 20 years.  I am a natural redhead and have borne jokes through the years about my supposed anger.  The truth is that I’m really […]

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07 May 2009

something to celebrate

In the midst of this trying time in our lives, we attended a meeting last Saturday that was imminently encouraging and infused me with all sorts of hope.  And that’s a nice feeling to embrace – it seems like it’s been a while since I have. Our church is in the forming/planning stages of a […]

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04 May 2009

Finding a New Normal

My husband and I had our first Theophostic meeting last week and I’ve pondered how to describe it and write about it for a full week now.  I’m really glad we went and we’ll be going back next week.  God completely showed up and met us there – and let’s face it:  He didn’t have […]

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22 Apr 2009

more transparency

We’ve been having dinner with friends from our church – or, more specifically, friends who are on staff at our church. Our goal has been to build a relationship, absolutely, but also to give them a safe place to “be themselves” as they struggle with a situation in their family. A beautiful friendship has blossomed […]

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18 Apr 2009

Theophostic Prayer

My husband & I had a phone conference last night with a Theophostic Prayer minister in our area. The short of the story is that we’re going to meet with her in about 10 days or so. The long of the story continues… I made the phone appointment a few days earlier and was somewhat […]

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