10 Apr 2010

My Heart and The Desert

This CPM Conference is good.  And hard.  And stretching.  And hard.  Did I mention it was hard?  The people of Stonegate Fellowship are so beautiful – their hearts are so loving and their willingness to be servants is absolutely tear-inducing and heart-melting.  My husband and I love to serve others, and for whatever reason, it’s […]

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26 Mar 2010


Everywhere I’ve turned the last few days, the message of “you can’t control this” hits me squarely in the face.  I think God’s trying to get through to me – and I’m listening. I finished up the winter-term of Celebrate the Journey Restore-group leading, using Celebrate Recovery materials.  That was a great thing; we had […]

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20 Mar 2010

Black & White Thinking

We were at an event last night and I stepped in it. I don’t mean I goofed up for the room to see, but I made a mistake. I engaged someone in conversation and went willingly in to the field, only to stagger back, wounded & hurt. Ordinarily, I have a thick skin and I […]

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04 Mar 2010

Nervous, but Anticipating

One of the blogs in my RSS reader is “Signs of a Struggle,” where Thom relates his challenges with SGA.  I appreciate Thom’s writing and his candor about his struggle.  A while ago, he wrote about a church in Midland, Texas called Stonegate Fellowship and their Cross Power Ministries Marriage Conference.  This Southern Baptist church […]

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28 Jan 2010

More on Gayle Haggard

I read on Charisma’s website that Gayle Haggard has a new book out.   Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made In My Darkest Hour is definitely on my “to read” list, but what is fascinating to me is how many people either have judged or will judge her without understanding her story.  They lack […]

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16 Jan 2010

One Year Later

So last year around this time, I was struggling.  Struggling to come to a peaceful place with my cousin’s unexpected and untimely passing, struggling to make sense of our therapy sessions and what we were getting from them, and struggling to keep my head above water when I was faced with the truth of my […]

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15 Sep 2009

Yeah, so…

I had queried a few weeks ago whether it would be any easier to do the Cardboard Testimonies the 2nd and 3rd times… and the answer is a resounding “No.” It was still completely worthwhile, but to do it at the northern campus of our church this past Sunday was still hard.  It was hard […]

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06 Sep 2009


Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes Turn and face the strange (Ch-ch-Changes) Don’t want to be a richer man Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes Turn and face the strange (Ch-ch-Changes) Just gonna have to be a different man Time may change me But I can’t trace time David Bowie’s song “Changes” from the “changesONEbowie” album of 1984 seems to explain much of our lives […]

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18 Jul 2009

Ted & Gayle Haggard

So apparently, the Haggards have been in the media lately – they did a documentary with a pay-per-view cable company, were on “Oprah,” and have been written up in various magazines, newspapers, and the rest. I’m relatively unplugged from the mainstream media, but one thing that I do read with semi-regularity is Charisma magazine, and […]

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01 Jun 2009

Five Empowering, Sexy Things About Me – a meme

So my beautiful friend, Shula from Sensuous Wife, tagged me in a meme at her blog.  The original title was “Five Sexy Things About Me,” but since I don’t deny my sexuality and my blog is more about healing and addictions (and because I need to give myself a bit of a boost right now, […]

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