12 Apr 2011

Follow-up to Femininity

photo © 2008 Mike Melrose | more info (via: Wylio)A while ago, I wrote about how I’ve become confident and comfortable in my femininity.  It’s taken me a while to realize why this change took place, but I had a flash of insight at the CPM conference. I commented that once my husband started to […]

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03 Feb 2009

celebrating small victories

We saw our therapist last night and although it’s wasn’t an earth-moving experience, it wasn’t a bad one, either. At his suggestion and encouragement, I’m about to chronicle some small achievements and victories – because they help us keep perspective and feel like the meal we’ve before us (an elephant) is going down, one bite […]

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15 Dec 2008

eye-opening conversation

So I’ve been pretty quiet lately – I’ve been busy, as it’s the Holiday season, but our healing continues to trek forward.  Which is good – not going backwards, but also not having those “holyyyyyyyy crap!”-moments where we feel like our whole world is rocking because of what God has shown us and what we […]

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13 Oct 2008

why now?

As my husband and I look back on our marriage and realize how many years (more than a dozen) of them were spent in an unfulfilling, unhappy existence, I’ve found myself wondering “Why now, God? Why not before? Why wait for such a length of time before You showed us what is real, what is […]

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25 Sep 2008


I was talking to a dear friend on the phone recently and we were discussing false modesty and shame. Too many women within the church (specifically) are subjected and victims of this way of thinking, in my experience. I was one of those women. Going along with the idea that God created sex and within […]

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23 Sep 2008

what kind of message do we send?

My husband and I were talking with friends this past weekend and landed on the subject of the evangelical Church (note the big “c” — this refers to the corporate, large church, not a specific place of worship). One of our friends mentioned that oftentimes, Evangelicalism has defined itself by what it’s *against* and thereby […]

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17 Sep 2008

choices we make

I was talking to a group of fellow mom-friends last week, a few of whom know a bit about the awakening I’ve had. I don’t remember the full context of my comment, but it had to do with my husband and how my plans for a date-night didn’t take place as I’d hoped due to […]

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