Beautiful Things

The song “Beautiful Things” by Gungor was played at the CPM conference; it’s also one in rotation at our church. It’s currently one of my favourite worship songs, because it reminds me that no matter how messed up my life is, God can still make something amazing from it. He created everything with words and us out of dust – He can certainly take the broken parts of my life and turn them in to beauty for His glory!

Whether or not you have recognized your brokenness or you’re still discovering ways in which you are broken, please know that all of the pieces of you are loved by God, cherished by Him, and that He wants to make you whole. Sexual brokenness, emotional brokenness, spiritual brokenness…. it’s all the same and it’s all covered under the blood of Jesus. He died to make us whole and to turn awful, broken messes in to beautiful things.

On this day which we remember His sacrifice for us, may it speak to you, wherever your broken parts are.

His and his,

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