26 Mar 2010


Everywhere I’ve turned the last few days, the message of “you can’t control this” hits me squarely in the face.  I think God’s trying to get through to me – and I’m listening. I finished up the winter-term of Celebrate the Journey Restore-group leading, using Celebrate Recovery materials.  That was a great thing; we had […]

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20 Mar 2010

Black & White Thinking

We were at an event last night and I stepped in it. I don’t mean I goofed up for the room to see, but I made a mistake. I engaged someone in conversation and went willingly in to the field, only to stagger back, wounded & hurt. Ordinarily, I have a thick skin and I […]

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14 Mar 2010

The Importance of Being Honest

We received sad new this week; a friend who was a believer and fellow-SGA struggler passed away.  My husband is necessarily sad about this; he and this gentleman were accountability friends and supported each other through prayer & phone conversations over the past 2 years or so. I’m definitely sad for this man’s family, but […]

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04 Mar 2010

Nervous, but Anticipating

One of the blogs in my RSS reader is “Signs of a Struggle,” where Thom relates his challenges with SGA.  I appreciate Thom’s writing and his candor about his struggle.  A while ago, he wrote about a church in Midland, Texas called Stonegate Fellowship and their Cross Power Ministries Marriage Conference.  This Southern Baptist church […]

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