24 May 2009

I Did It

Remember that phone call I had to make?  I did it – I finally sucked up every ounce of courage I had and did it. I knew that time was escaping and it was getting to critical mass for me. As I went to sleep last night, I couldn’t even honestly pray, “God, give me […]

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20 May 2009


Of all the things on this journey that I didn’t expect, it has been the depth of sheer anger and rage I have at a man who has been dead nearly 20 years.  I am a natural redhead and have borne jokes through the years about my supposed anger.  The truth is that I’m really […]

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19 May 2009

Farewell, Rose

A few months ago, I went to a Str8s meeting in my locality and met several incredibly supportive people as we walk down our path. I’m still not crazy about considering myself the “str8” one in our marriage, but this is the name of the group & so I’ll adjust. One of the women I […]

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16 May 2009

The Root of Passivity

I’ve had a post in my “work in progress folder” that deals with passivity.  There’s been something that has niggled at my brain for a while now in regards to passivity and men – and I think I finally put the pieces together.  I’m not confident enough to say it’s something that will stand all […]

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07 May 2009

something to celebrate

In the midst of this trying time in our lives, we attended a meeting last Saturday that was imminently encouraging and infused me with all sorts of hope.  And that’s a nice feeling to embrace – it seems like it’s been a while since I have. Our church is in the forming/planning stages of a […]

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04 May 2009

Finding a New Normal

My husband and I had our first Theophostic meeting last week and I’ve pondered how to describe it and write about it for a full week now.  I’m really glad we went and we’ll be going back next week.  God completely showed up and met us there – and let’s face it:  He didn’t have […]

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