28 Dec 2008

eowyn: a model for strong women

As a Tolkien-nut (certifiable), I have spent many hours reading, watching, and contemplating the characters that Professor Tolkien wrote in his Lord of the Rings trilogy.  If you pressed me on which character was my favourite, I’d say, “Arwen,” because she is graceful, beautiful, and holds the image of romance for me.  Her story (found […]

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19 Dec 2008

Why is porn use so shameful?

Once again I find myself pondering deep questions and concepts and this seems to be a good place to hash some of this out.  So bear with me, if you will. In a discussion pertaining to pornography use and the shamefulness we see in those who partake and who are addicted, someone suggested that it’s […]

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15 Dec 2008

eye-opening conversation

So I’ve been pretty quiet lately – I’ve been busy, as it’s the Holiday season, but our healing continues to trek forward.  Which is good – not going backwards, but also not having those “holyyyyyyyy crap!”-moments where we feel like our whole world is rocking because of what God has shown us and what we […]

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