29 Nov 2008

reasons for thanksgiving

This is Thanksgiving weekend in the US, and as we found reasons to count our blessings, I came across a few that won’t fit in the traditional (upcoming) Christmas letter.  😉   I’m not really sure how one goes about informing and updating those who receive your Christmas notes and cards that you’ve a) had […]

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09 Nov 2008

Growth in to Manhood, Chapter 1

Alan Medinger is the founder of Regeneration, an “ex-gay” ministry in Baltimore, MD. His story is compelling and can be found here. He has a solid 25 years of healing experience and full-on knowledge of what God can and will do for those who struggle with same-gendered attraction — if they want to pursue the […]

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06 Nov 2008

right where i need to be

So I’m getting over a cold and using every trick in the book to do so. But one of the tricks backfired on me last night and I was awake too long in to the wee hours. My husband took a sleeping pill (in the form of a bottle of Guinness) and said he was […]

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