28 Oct 2008

it’s not about me… really!

My husband and I are working through Alan Medinger’s book “Growth in to Manhood.” So far, it’s excellent and right-on-the-money. I’ll review the chapters soon and talk about how they relate to our struggle. So last night, I had just read the 2nd chapter aloud (my husband is a slower reader and preferred to work […]

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25 Oct 2008

whatever it takes

So by now, you might realize that I’m a musically-driven woman. When I lack words and can’t talk, I can sing. And the lyrics to songs minister to me deeply. Which brings me to a song by Lifehouse, “Whatever It Takes,” from their 2008 album “Who We Are.” A strangled smile fell from your face […]

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18 Oct 2008

no white flags

Dido sings a song called “White Flag” that speaks to what I’m feeling right now: I know you think that I shouldn’t still love you, Or tell you that. But if I didn’t say it, well I’d still have felt it Where’s the sense in that? I promise I’m not trying to make your life […]

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16 Oct 2008

hiccups & ball gowns

Every path to healing through addiction (no matter what type of addiction) will have divots in the road, or hiccups where the addict stumbles. Sexual addiction is no different from that. And yet, somehow I had this faulty idea that once we began down the path to healing that it would be rainbows & butterflies. […]

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13 Oct 2008

why now?

As my husband and I look back on our marriage and realize how many years (more than a dozen) of them were spent in an unfulfilling, unhappy existence, I’ve found myself wondering “Why now, God? Why not before? Why wait for such a length of time before You showed us what is real, what is […]

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11 Oct 2008

thoughts inspired by ‘breaking dawn’

Okay, so I caved. I succumbed to the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer and have been ravenously devouring the novels since I started them last weekend. I ordinarily don’t read fiction, but these are so well-written and contain so compelling a storyline that I simply can’t resist. Regardless, I find the way Meyer discusses the […]

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