25 Sep 2008


I was talking to a dear friend on the phone recently and we were discussing false modesty and shame. Too many women within the church (specifically) are subjected and victims of this way of thinking, in my experience. I was one of those women. Going along with the idea that God created sex and within […]

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23 Sep 2008

what kind of message do we send?

My husband and I were talking with friends this past weekend and landed on the subject of the evangelical Church (note the big “c” — this refers to the corporate, large church, not a specific place of worship). One of our friends mentioned that oftentimes, Evangelicalism has defined itself by what it’s *against* and thereby […]

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19 Sep 2008


You might have noticed a link and banner on the side of the page for “Fireproof,” a movie that will open in theatres one week from today (9.26). Written and produced by the same group that made “Facing the Giants,” I’m looking forward to seeing it. Reviews thus far have been stellar, despite the fact […]

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17 Sep 2008

choices we make

I was talking to a group of fellow mom-friends last week, a few of whom know a bit about the awakening I’ve had. I don’t remember the full context of my comment, but it had to do with my husband and how my plans for a date-night didn’t take place as I’d hoped due to […]

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15 Sep 2008

a troubling announcement

At the close of last week, we heard bothersome news that Ray Boltz had granted an interview to the Washington Blade, a gay-advocacy publication. For those of you who might not recognize the name, Boltz was a composer and singer who had multiple hits in the contemporary Christian music genre in the 90s. Barely a […]

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11 Sep 2008

soul-nakedness, part deux

After posting about soul-nakedness last week, I realized that some might desire this closeness but not know where to start in order to achieve it. Short of telling someone to “pray your guts out,” I was stumped. So I decided to compile some ideas; some of these things we have done intentionally, others we have […]

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08 Sep 2008

sexual addiction in the news

The news recently came about that David Duchovny (of “The X-Files” fame) admitted himself to a treatment facility. Ordinarily, this news is met with a bit of “Hmm… what is it this time? Drugs? Alcohol?”-type response from the public. Then it gets hushed. “Ooh. Sex addiction. Wow.” Duchovny admitted that he is battling sexual addiction […]

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04 Sep 2008

soul nakedness

“Naked” has different meanings in different parts of the country. Generally speaking, the dictionary definition is “to be without clothing; in one’s skin.” “Naked” in the northern regions of the US means basically that: to be without clothing. “Nekkid,” as pronounced by our southern kin, means “to be without clothing … and lookin’ for trouble.” […]

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02 Sep 2008

self confidence revisited

As part of my healing process, God has released me from truly caring what others might think of me or how they might prejudge me. I’m incredibly thankful for this, but considering how long I truly did care (read: fear) about others’ opinions and what emotional infidelity and sexual addiction do to the non-offending spouse, […]

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