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By: Annalea Tue, 23 Jun 2009 05:34:40 +0000 Hello Cori,

Just came across your site on Sensuous Wife. Fantastic post. We deal a lot with SA in the marriage ministry we’re involved in and I thought everything you said was so enlightening and very “Right On” with regard to it. It’s clear from your writing that you are being a true helpmeet to your husband in this.

So…no, you can’t be the cure, however you can help him be ‘released’ from the hook like you did so beautifully with the challenge you issued which, ultimately, was for him to be Christlike.

Well done you!

By: cori Fri, 19 Jun 2009 16:44:22 +0000 Hi WC –

Wow – what a great image & understanding you provided! Thank you for that – it really does help to understand the mechanism behind the problems. There truly is something healing about comprehending the issue and providing vocabulary that relates to it, to the struggler, and to the struggler’s family.

I’m gonna chew on this one more – and see what God enlightens in my heart and mind while I do.

Joining my prayers with yours for our husbands’ hearts….


By: Hiswildcherry Fri, 19 Jun 2009 14:55:04 +0000 Hi Cori,
Been thinking of you and praying for strength once again.

During my marriage of 24 yrs. there have been all kinds of things which I have carried as ‘boulders’. This burden-bearing can be crippling to your personal development as you don’t have the strength to do anything other than hunch over and ‘haul it’.

God revealed an amazing truth to me some years ago when my kids and I were struggling with something concerning their relationship with their dad.

Instead of seeing and calling this weak chain in our family link for what is was, and adding to the frustration of it being constantly unfixable, God showed me an image of a crippled person being kicked again and again in the crippled portion of his body. The crippled limb was useless and even if the victim wished he could use it, it did not function anymore like it should have.

Consequently, kicking the limb was a total waste of effort as it was dead to feeling! All kicking at the paralysis did was create tremendous bitterness in my kids’s hearts. They desperately needed an out for their disillusionment.

With this new image of a cripple in our heads, my kids and I were able to create a different vernacular when we discussed the stuff that bothered them as I could relate their anger to the crippled limb theory and the direction of their rage could diffuse into that understanding.

Did it make anything go away? No. What this revelation did was give us a vocabulary with which to communicate. A freedom for me arose out of giving up trying to be what their father could not be for them. Dual parenthood is impossible. I was free to be mom.

This kind of image situation could bring a bit of relief to you in that you could see your man as being crippled in the area you both struggle with. Even though he would love to fix his crippling, only God can make this area of his heart get up off the pallet of paralysis and walk again.

The most important focus I have imparted to my kids ( and my own mind) is that we must always be ready to be right there if oneday, their father begins to walk away from his paralyzed state of mind.

I love their father and have been painfully and embarressingly open about my recent sexual awakening towards him. My children know I adore their father and they can still come to me to gripe and beef as long as they use the vocab. framework we all agreed upon.

I join you in believing God for restoration in our spouses’ hearts.

With love and a hug.